About Us

the mini chef about us

Hello everyone! We are Sierra and Kevin, and we’re the mini(malist) chefs!

We’ve always loved cooking and baking because it gives us so much joy to make and share food with others. We feel so happy seeing other people enjoying our food. In our free time, we’re always talking about what we should cook next, experimenting with new recipes in our kitchen.

Since we live in an apartment in San Francisco, we have pretty limited kitchen space. That was our motivation for creating this website. We’ve found that a lot of recipes online are overly complicated. They require all sorts of equipment and ingredients that end up cluttering our small kitchen. Instead, we wanted simple recipes that are easy to make with what we already have and still taste great.

Through The Mini Chef, we want to share our minimalist recipes, ranging across a wide variety of food, that are simple with only a few ingredients. They allow anyone to experience the joy of creating food without needing to worry about their budget or kitchen space. Although we are both from Asian families, we love experiencing and making food from different cultures. So, no matter what cuisine you are looking for, we’ll have something for you! If you have any recipes you’d like us to make, feel free to contact us.

Sometimes, less can be more!

Fun Facts

  • We live in San Francisco with our two cats, Mia and Carrot
  • We drove cross country from New Jersey to San Francisco to move here
  • When we’re not in the kitchen, we enjoy walking around the city or hiking
  • Kevin’s hobbies include rock climbing and guitar
  • Sierra’s hobbies include skincare, pilates, and grocery shopping